Two Together

I’m travelling back from London tonight on my lonesome after a short trip down for work. However I wanted to tell you about my latest money saving train journey which our friends told us about.

For the August bank holiday weekend me and the hubby are off to Edinburgh to catch a few comedy shows at the Fringe. We purchased our tickets early and have already booked the hotel as I’m sure you can imagine it’s a very busy time. We waited patiently for 12 weeks prior so we could take advantage of the cheaper train tickets but we were still a little disappointed with the price. 

Our friend told us about the Two Together travel card which is £30 and valid for 1 year. The card can save you a third off your ticket price if you travel with one particular person. I hadn’t given it much thought because usually me and my husband travel together by car and my train journeys are reserved for girly weekends away or work commitments. 

On this particular occasion as the ticket prices were quite high, I thought I’d get my Maths head on. 

I worked out how much we would save if we had the card and factored in the £30 cost to purchase it. To my surprise we realised it would save us £30 on just this one journey. Winner! Essentially we saved money on the ticket price and gained a travel card which we can use over the next year. It may even encourage us to use the train more often instead of taking he car. Especially if it saves us money.

So my advice is, even if you are making one journey with someone you don’t usually travel with, this could still save you money. It’s so quick and easy to do and took me 5 minutes using my phone, uploading photos straight from your camera. I even completed a sneaky promotion code search and saved myself an extra £5 on the cost of the railcard. 

Happy saving 

Love Nic x


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