Supermarket Savvy

Taking a trip to the supermarket or ordering your groceries online is something we can’t avoid. We all need food and other essential items in order to maintain a healthly lifestyle. The question is, how can we keep the costs to a minimum? At the beginning of the month the supermarket is a haven where you can splash out on those luxury items and treat yourself to a danish from the bakery to go with that cup of tea when you get home. Whereas at the end of the month you convince yourself that cereal for lunch is a good option. After all there is a diet which actively promotes this! Here are some useful hints and tips to keep you supermarket savvy all month long.

Bulk buying

Most people do their shopping on a weekly basis and research shows that 60% of people eat the same seven regular meals every week. If that’s the case then when payday comes around why not spend that little bit extra in the first week in order to save your pennies for later in the month. The key is to look for the price per unit. Here are two examples from Sainsburys

Toilet Roll – 4 Pack = £0.34 per Roll Vs 16 Pack = £0.24 per Roll


Pasta – 500g = £1.70 per Kg Vs 3Kg = £1.13 per Kg

 Reduced Shelf

Everyone knows about the reduced shelf but the key is to make the most out of it. Supermarkets usually have specific times of the day when they reduce their items and these can vary from store to store. If you can find out what time your local store starts reducing, you could make yourself some great savings. The reason most items are reduced is because they have reached their ‘sell by date’. This is not to be confused with the ‘use by date’. The ‘sell by date’ is a date that the store recommends it stay on the shelf for, however if you check the ‘use by date’ it may still be good to eat for another couple of days. If it has already reached its use by date, not to worry. Don’t forget that you can freeze many items, preserving their goodness for an extra few months. I have found this great blog post which provides some excellent tips about foods you may not have known you can freeze.

 Meal Planning

It’s very easy to see what we have in our fridge as we generally open it on a daily basis. However we tend to forget about the stuff in the bottom drawer of the freezer or where we store our dried/tinned foods. So before you write your shopping list have a look at what you already have and plan a meal for each day of the week. Your shopping list should then consist of the ingredients that are missing. Hopefully this will cost you a lot less and encourage you to utilise the food you already have.


You don’t have to make an appearance on ‘Extreme couponing’ to save money at the supermarket. There are lots of places you may already be looking but not paying any attention to. Do you read a newspaper or magazine? Instead of flicking through boring adverts, have a good look to see if they are offering any money off. Do you ever pick up the free, in house magazine offered by the supermarket? It may be full of self promotion but they often give out coupons to encourage you to try a new product or a monthly feature. And last but not least, do you ever look at your food packaging? They can often contain money off coupons to encourage you to keep using their products. Before you toss them in the bin be sure to have a good look.

I hope you have found my tips useful? Do you have any other tips for staying savvy at the supermarket? I would love to hear them.

Happy shopping.

Love Nic x


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