Gorgeous George

Don’t you just hate it when all your make-up runs out at once? These days it feels like you have to take out a small loan to look and feel beautiful! As a former make-up artist, I would never have dreamed of ditching the department store for the local supermarket but desperate times lead to desperate measures. With a mortgage to pay and saving to start a family my budget is non existant.

Under Eye concealer (02 Medium) £2.75 – The idea of this concealer is based on YSLs Touche éclat. I found that the coverage isn’t fantastic, however it’s a great little product for highlighting and contouring.

Blush (05 Little Gem) £3.00 – Aside from the fact that I can’t help but think about a former U.S. President every time I apply this (George Blush), I’m actually really impressed. It’s got great pigment with a little bit of shimmer which is perfect for giving you a great spring/summer glow.

Queen Bee Bronzer (02 Nectar shimmer) £3.00 – I don’t have many positive things to say about this product I’m afraid. Firstly it has a strange smell that reminds me of using my mothers make up back in the late 80s and that’s not meant as a compliment. I chose shade 2 and although I haven’t yet perfected my tan, it’s quite dark/orange. It also can look quite patchy when I’ve applied it.

Curl ’em! Mascara (Black) £4.00 – Firstly I never apply mascara without curling my eyelashes first. If you invest in a good eyelash curler it will last you a few years. Shu Uemura do a great one which retails at £20. I’ve found it on Amazon for £13.08! Anyway back to the review.  I have to comment on the packaging as I just love the colour of the tube. It has certainly lengthened my lashes but I’m not sure about ‘curling’ and I am pleased to say there has been no clumping or flaking. I do feel that you have to add a couple of layers to get the desired effect but I think that’s just down to personal taste.

Precision eyeliner (Black) £2.75 – I love a liquid liner and once you’ve perfected how to use it, it gives a great dramatic look. This is really impressive for the price and just as good as other more expensive liners out there. It has a strong black colour in comparison to some other cheaper liners which I have found quite watery and had to apply several layers. The tip is firm but flexible and just like Goldilocks it’s ‘just right’

Soft eye pencil (Black) £2.75 –  As well as a precision eyeliner I like to line my inner lash line to give that extra dramatic look. This is a retractable liner and as a lover if all things gadgety, I was pleased to discover a little sharpener at the end (so cute), however I am not entirely sure this is completely necessary as it is retractable. In my opinion you can’t beat Kohl eye liner, however this comes pretty close. It’s easy to apply and gives great definition.

Lip liner ( 06 Pretty in Pink) £2.75  – What a great little find! It’s easy to use and like the eye pencil has a wind up function.  The colour is bound to add a smile to your face and perfect for those sunny days. I always use my lipliners to add a little colour to my lips which also helps to seal your lipstick or gloss.

Get Glossy Lip gloss ( 20 Idol) £3.75 – This adds a great sheen without being sticky and combined with the lip liner, you are onto a winner.

Total cost – £26.50

Overall I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products and feel they are excellent value for money. The fact I have been able to create a whole new spring/summer look for the price of a department store Lipstick is fantastic.

Have you tried any low-cost Make-up brands that are worth shouting about? I would love to hear about them.

Love Nic x






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