Offer of the Day!

The sun is shining so this morning I decided to get my legs out! If the thought of baring all scares the bejesus out of you, why not try these tights from Tesco which are an amazing £0.33 per pair.

I am totally in love with them and go into a slight panic if I don’t have a pair in my sock draw. I discovered them in a snagging emergency and have never looked back. They look so natural and people are often surprised when I tell them I am wearing tights. They are really comfortable and the waist band isn’t so tight that it creates a spare tyre around your middle. I have washed and worn them a few times and they still look great.

My top tip – If you are wearing open toe sandals, try cutting just above your big toe and above your little toes leaving a small piece in between to make sure they don’t ride up your legs. With most sandal toe tights costing from £5 and up, these are a real bargain and at 33p who cares if you only get one wear out of them.


Why not give them a try and let me know what you think?

Happy Shopping!

Love Nic x


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