Enjoy Easter for less!

The Easter holidays can be an expensive time of year for everyone. Here are my top money-saving tips to help you get by without burning a hole on your pocket.


It wouldn’t be Easter without the chocolate, right?


choc hen








These chocolate bunnies from Aldi are so cute and have the delicious price tag of £0.79

How adorable is this chocolate Hen from Lidl. You get much more chocolate than your average size egg for £2.99

Occupying the kids

Although I don’t have children myself, I understand that trying to keep the kiddies occupied without spending a fortune can be a real challenge.

Treasure hunt for under £10 – I discovered this a couple of years ago when I had my little cousins for the weekend and wanted to do something different. These are self-guided walks that usually take you around areas of local interest, looking for clues in order to solve the mystery. There are many different sites available but I used this one which offers treasure hunts in the Lancashire area and costs £6.99. You can either print the trail out immediately or it can be delivered by post. They suggest the hunt takes approx. 1.5 hours but we found that we wanted to spend more time at some of the locations along the way. We also took an hour to stop for lunch. Why not take a picnic to reduce costs even further. The kids really enjoyed it and I also learnt some interesting facts about my local area which I would never have known.

Arts and Crafts for £1 – If the rain comes pouring down and you find yourself stuck inside, why not get crafty with Poundland. They have some great activity sets including Easter egg paining, Easter egg hunt kit, make your own finger puppets and Easter bonnets plus lots more for just £1 each. 










Occupying yourself

It’s not just the kids that get bored over the bank holiday weekend and if you’re short of cash it’s not much fun at all. When was the last time you visited the local Museum or Art gallery? They are usually free and can be much more interesting than you remember from your school trips. Alternatively, why not have a look at one of my previous posts points make prizes to find out how you can use your supermarket points for free days out.


As well as the chocolate, Easter is the time for getting the family together and having a nice big roast. Don’t feel like cooking? Why not get yourself down to The Harvester and check out their meal deal which is £10 for Adults and £5 for children. As part of the deal you get:-

  • A selected main course
  • Unlimited salad
  • Unlimited soft drink
  • A Sundae Best ice cream

They also have an Easter Egg hunt to entertain the kids (check out your local Harvester for more info)

Whatever you decide to do this Easter, I hope you have fun!

Love Nic x


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