Marvelous Miniatures

My holiday is over and I am finally back to some sense of normality now my house no longer looks like the local laundrette.


Whilst unpacking, I caught my husband doing a slight eye roll when I pulled out the mini shower gel and body lotion I had taken from our hotel. This was followed by a question that got me thinking. “Are you ever going to use those?”


This prompted me to do a bit of a stock check and I was surprised to find the amount of ‘mini’ toiletries I had collected. These were part of gift sets which I had received for Christmas/birthdays and from the odd hotel stay. I have over 50 items which I have been saving for a ‘special occasion’. As I have yet to use these products I am started to wonder what I consider a ‘special occasion’? Am I saving my Jean Paul Gaultier shower gel and body lotion for when the Queen comes over?

I then realised that my husband was right! I hate it when that happens, so it’s time to prove him wrong  😉 I WILL use them!!

I’ve realised that this is also a great way to save money as I anticipate that I won’t have to buy any shower gel for at least a month, let alone body lotions and exfoliators. I am even getting the hubby involved and encouraging him to use his up too.


I encourage you all to have a root around your bathroom cupboards and  bedside cabinets and see what you can save on your toiletries by using up all your marvellous miniatures.


Once you have used up all your ‘minis’ try considering some cheaper places to buy your toiletries and beauty products in the future

I don’t know about you but I can often spend a pretty penny on basic toiletries and trying to look my best. Luxury shower gels, exfoliators and face creams are big business and rather than leaving the local store feeling blooming marvellous I often leave feeling sour faced at the price. 


Here are some recommendations of low cost beauty products that I am a big fan of which are sure to put a smile on your face.



Now this stuff is amazing and always in my handbag when I have a fringe cut in. As a sufferer of greasy hair, by the end of the day it can often look flat and lifeless. If you are going out and haven’t got enough time for a shower then a quick blast of this will make you feel refreshed and ready to go. Even better you can pick it up in stores such as Home Bargains for as little at £1.49


Wilkinsons (Yes Wilkinsons) has some great beauty products starting from just £0.98. Personally I think the eye make-up remover is great for everyday use, but can be a bit tricky to shift thick black eyeliner which I am partial to wearing on a night out.  


I have been using  Aldi lacura night cream for some time after it was discovered to be one of the best/ cheapest beauty products on the market. The mirror beauty awards have just made it the winner for 2015 and I totally agree. The great thing is it costs £3.99.

Have you got lots of mini toiletries that you could use to save money or do you have any great beauty bargains that you could recommend?

Love Nic x







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