Search and Save!

This weekend we started to prepare for our ski trip by taking some lessons at the local indoor slopes. On top of our holiday, this is pretty pricey at £170 each! However we paid a total of £40 each.

Firstly instead of getting those unwanted toiletries and CD’s for Christmas, we asked our family and friends to get us vouchers to contribute to the cost. It’s much better than asking for money and they know they have contributed to something you really want to do. You can get vouchers for pretty much anything these days so bear this in mind for your upcoming birthday.
Total saving – £160

Secondly I searched the web. I never buy anything online without completing a simple 5 second google search first. “Voucher code for ….” It works about 50% of the time and the amounts you can save vary. I have found the best sites for this are:-
Straight away I found a code on hotdeals to save £50 off beginner ski lessons! It told me that the code has expired but I tried it anyway and instantly received money off. Bonus!!
Total saving – £100

Next time you buy something online give it a try and let me know how much you saved

Love Nic x



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