Jared and Devon

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Our Story

It was a cool, crisp DC November morning; the first of the month to be exact. He nervously climbed the metro escalator where she waited on the platform. He wasn’t always this anxious, yet the thought of this first date idea made his palms sweaty in the cool air. These days, people typically grab coffee, or drinks, the first time they meet. Not today he thought to himself. Something he devised, or maybe was it something he read? The decision to do something “fun”, which didn’t involve a highly caffeinated or inebriated environment where judgments and perceptions could become deceptive.

Arriving at the top of the platform, his breath caught mid stride. There she was, red flowing hair, eyes that reflected compassion and kindness, and a smile that made his heart beat all the faster. After a brief but comfortable greeting, they made their way up onto the street where his grand design would begin to take shape.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“You’ll see” he replied.

A grin broke out on his face as they rounded the corner and headed towards a multi-storied building, its red brick exterior giving it a sort of, old fashioned 1950’s era feel. On the building, in big bold white letters read “International Spy Museum”. He glanced over to see her initial reaction. Surprise, with a hint of excitement twinkled in her eyes.

“Yeah, thought we could do something different” he said.

“Sounds like fun!” she replied.

After a few hours of James Bond inspired motifs,interactive spy simulations, constant laughter at his dad joke like humor, casual small talk about each other’s families, jobs, and interests, they made their way back to the metro where he would be headed to Virginia, and she to Maryland. Luckily, she had to transfer trains, so they rode together with continued conversation and interest for a bit before she had to depart. With the locomotive coming to a stop, and the familiar “Metro Center station, doors open on the left” message blaring over the speaker system, they said their goodbyes with heartfelt hugs and an unfortunate sense of disappointment now that the date was over. Breaking from his embrace, she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

Really wasn’t expecting that he thought to himself.

After watching her depart, and their eye contact breaking as soon as the train started moving, he sat, smiled, and knew, without any hesitation or doubt, she was the one.

In the months and years to follow, they shared in many common interests such as wineries, coffee, trips to the beach, Crossfit, and a newfound love of dachshunds for him. Leading them up to the very day in October, 2019, where they would forever become one.

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