Wedding Party

Jess Price

Maid of Honor

Jess is Devon's older sister and has known Devon...well...her whole life. Jess and Devon have plenty of embarrassing home movies from childhood that showcase their mutual love of the beach and dance...which they hope will never see the light of day. If there is anything Jess wants Devon to emphasize in her bio, it's that she is hilarious and amazing. On a serious note, Jess has been an incredible maid of honor. She's known as "the boss" of the Price sisters and she's definitely putting those skills to good use. Unlike Devon, she has no problem making a decision, so she's stepped up to the plate to help Devon with her indecisiveness and really taken one for the team (Jared thanks her). Her greatest accomplishment of this wedding is fining KENPAK (world's greatest photographer)...and she's considering leaving her full time job running operations for the DC office of a global advertising agency to be the president of his fan club. Jess is a born and raised lover of Maryland (currently lives in Bethesda).

Kelsey Price


The youngest of the Price sisters, Kelsey would definitely vote Devon her favorite sister (sorry, Jess). Kelsey is almost as excited as Pat to be adding another male to the family - there are just too many women and she's always wanted a brother.  As a small kid, Kelsey endured plenty of torture from Jess and Devon including dressing her up like their doll and teaching her all of the lyrics to the Friends theme song before she could even coherently speak full sentences (something they still believe is amongst the most valuable life lessons they've ever taught her).  Kelsey lives in North Carolina and works to make the world a better place at Forsyth Tech. She's actively involved in her local church by leading youth groups and participating in mission trips to places including the Dominican Republic, India, and Canada. Love you, Keeysey. 

Danielle Bruce


If you're looking for the dirt on Devon, Danielle is your girl. Lucky for Devon, she would never tell you any of it though - she's her ride or die girl. Danielle has known Devon since 2nd grade, experiencing everything from the most awkward stages of life to the most exciting moments, including when Devon first met Jared. Danielle and Devon were always getting into some kind of trouble from catching the microwave on fire, being chased by the neighbors' dog, to getting trapped inside a bathroom together. With this dynamic duo, there is never a dull moment. Danielle lives with her husband, Charlie, in High Point, NC and is mom to her three adorable boys, Connor, Cooper, and Colt.  When they aren't giving her a run for her money, she's an Esthetician.

Kelli Dickson


Not many can say they are still friends with one of their very first friends! Yep, since the age of 2, Delli and Kevin have been through it all in the last 31 years together. Kelli could probably give Jared some good tips for a successful, long-lasting marriage with Devon. The do's and the don'ts would include...DO make time for running up and down the driveway in your bathing suits in the rain. DON'T argue with Devon about whose Little Tike's dollhouse car is whose. DO let Devon be your co-captain and feed you McDonald's breakfast as you drive (she is really good at it)! DON'T let Devon talk you into taking dance classes (tights are itchy)! From grade school to adulting, Devon and Kelli have been through it all together.  Kelli lives in Baltimore with her husband, Adam, and is a fabulous stay-at-home mom to her two beautiful girls, Nora and Celia.

Erin Dunn


Erin has kept Devon laughing since the moment they met in 2002 as sophomores at Holy Cross. Erin is the kind of friend that sneaks out to the corn fields with you on sophomore retreat (while we're supposed to be silently praying) to teach you how to belt your solo song for the upcoming musical that opens in just a few days (when you've never sang a solo in your life). Can't say what is more hilarious, that or Devon singing a solo...actually, it's probably the fact that the song was "Tits & Ass" from A Chorus Line. Devon calls Erin when she needs a reality check or a smile. She's been around for every step from high school to college and beyond - she's been an amazing friend every step of the way. Erin is a special education teacher and she currently lives in Washington, DC with her super cute puppy, Olive.

Michael Kennen Miller


I am not sure what Michael and Devon's love for is stronger: performing or chicken tenders. Well in high school it may have been chicken tenders, but we can certainly say their love for performing (Michael being a triple threat and Devon really just knows how to dance) has never died. Michael and Devon first met performing in plays together in high school. They were dance partners, partners in crime, and still to this day best friends. Michael never once dropped Devon on her head in all their dances (which she much appreciates), a good sign that Devon can always trust that he has her back. Micheal has always brought adventure to their friendship. From egging houses, cliff diving in Italy, to making long dance/play rehearsals more fun. Michael lives in Asheville, NC where he is an actor, breathwork coach, sales rep for Jay Edward Hospitality Furniture & Blue Bird Lighting and father to his adorable puppy Xander.

Alexandra Robins


As cousins, not only did Alex and Devon once share a last name, they also share the same career as Occupational Therapists. Alex was born after Devon, but Devon came to the OT profession after Alex...so it's unclear who the copycat really is?  As children they both enjoyed building sand castles on the beach together, eating BBQ chip and mayonnaise sandwiches, and professionally singing in their grandparents' garage. They were both equal partners in staking out and taking over their grandparents' linen closet to pretend it was the a secret clubhouse. Alex and her husband, Eli, currently live in Rochester, NY and are the proud parents of super cute puppy, Tala.

Alyssa Porambo


Alyssa was one of Devon's very first friends in high school. I mean who wouldn't want to be friends with someone like Alyssa?! Her bubbly and boisterous personality is contagious and she always knows how to bring life to the party. Alyssa was there to guide Devon in all her fashion choices in high school (thank you for that!), the friend she got ready with for all the school dances, winter balls, high school mixers (80's mixer noted in the photo) and proms. She is also the one that encouraged Devon to join Prep Drama at the all boys high school, which would lead to some of the most memorable experiences of Devon's high school era. Not only that, she also made sure all the prep guys showed up at her surprise 16th birthday party. If only she had tried a little harder to have Devon shower after play practice right before that surprise party (it's ok girl, you did ask if I wanted to use your shower before I went home). Although Alyssa has ditched Devon and now lives in Philadelphia working for Drexel University, Devon will forgive her, because she can still count on Alyssa to bring her up to speed, laugh until she cries and knows that when they see each other it will be like no time has passed!

Jehnna White


Let's be honest, the only reason Jared and Devon are getting married is so that Jehnna and Devon can become sisters- it's almost like they were meant to be anyway. They both share the same impeccable fashion sense, enjoy working out, love a good mimosa and know how to make a mean cakeball. The only real difference is that Devon loves Jared and well Jehnna...she always wanted a sister...just kidding, she loves Jared too...most of the time. Devon is excited to add another sister to the mix! Jehnna currently lives in Lindenhurst, LI and works at Chase.

McKenna Kneale

Flower Girl/Child

If professional flower girl were an occupation, this petal princess would nail it! Which is a good thing, since she is the flower girl :) Devon and Jared are thrilled to have his cousin McKenna fill this most important role that she has eagerly been awaiting since they first got engaged. McKenna is 7 years old going on 17, and if you don't know what to do the day of the wedding she will certainly let you know where you need to be! Full of compassion, personality and spunk, McKenna was the chosen student in her 1st grade class to be a mentor in the Unified Sports Special Olympic program this year (way to go girl!). When McKenna is not being a rockstar at school, she is involved with gymnastics, Irish dance (a girl after Devon's own heart) and being a fantastic older sister to her brother Griffin. We can't wait to see you in your flower girl dress McKenna! xoxo, Jared and Desmond <3

Griffin Kneale

Ring Bearer

Security! We need an intimidating face to protect the rings. Too bad Griffin's face is so sweet that he could intimidate no one. Devon and Jared couldn't be more excited to have him as a part of their big day, and know he will do an incredible job as their ring bearer. Also Jared's cousin, Griffin is 5 years old and there is no one more adorable, sweet, and kind hearted as this little guy! Too cool for preschool anymore, Griffin will be in kindergarten and hanging tough with the big kids showing them how to be a #1 student! Griffin is a star athlete on his t-ball team, and loves to play with cars and trucks. He is a super brother to his sister McKenna and loves his dog Roadie. We are so lucky to have you as our ring bearer Griff! xoxo, Jared and Devon

Brandon Whitworth

Best Man

If achievement were a person, his name would be Brandon Whitworth. First graduating at the top of his class for a doctorate in physical therapy, then owning his own business, to currently being the personal PT for a Cirque Du Soleil touring group in Europe; Brandon is one of the most hardworking and down to earth/humble people Jared has ever met. He was the first person to befriend the soft spoken, small town boy (me) during freshman year of high school and they have remained best friends to this very day. You could count the number of things Brandon and Jared didn't have in common on one hand. They shared a strong love of health and fitness, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and everything else in between. During their high school years, Jared and Brandon lived on opposite ends of a sod farm in eastern Long Island. Just about every weekend (and most weekdays during the summer) Jared would walk over to Brandon's house and play basketball, watch movies, or just hang out with him and his family. To Jared, Brandon is like the brother he never had.

Ryan Mcgann


When Jared looks back on most of the crazy stuff he has encountered in his life, Ryan Mcgann is usually front and center with him. From riding around in his Jeep on the beach, to all sorts of shenanigans for Yacht Week in Greece, Ryan and Jared have had one wild (but fun) ride. Ryan is an engineer by trade, salesman at heart, and extremely talented when it comes to building things, such as a solar cooler that was patented not to long out of college. Ryan can always be counted on to be the life of the party and the most optmisitc person Jared has ever met. If Ryan told you the sky wasn't blue, you would believe him, even if just for a second. He is a kid at heart and probably the only person Jared knows that can wear flip flops in the dead of winter without even noticing.

Chris Anderson


Chris is like that wise older brother who has your best interest at heart, isn't afraid to tell you what you need to hear, and will always have your back. His contangeous laugh, rivaled only by his witty humor, Chris is the wise (and wise cracking) friend out of the group. Jared and Chris grew close during high school as well as the college summer months where they would paint houses all day long. Armed with a strong case of "you may not like it but this is how it is", Jared would alway turn to Chris for advice. He could always be counted on to look out for you and steer you in the right direction.

James Taggart


James is the most honest person Jared knows. He always knows what the right thing to do is and has the integrity of a straight A honor student, who was also the leader of his boy scout troop. The two grew close in high school as well, primarily playing football for the SWR Wildcats. James may be a little q, but you wouldnt want to mess with him, for he is extremely proficient in Krav Maga and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. James is also a physician assistant, which is a perfect career for someone as kind hearted as he. His love for helping people is matched only with his devotion to his family.

Mike Edwards


Jared and Mike started to become friends in the later years of high school, primarily through Chris and the group. They have spent many adventures together, from Bermuda (twice), all the way to Greece. Mike is extremely laid back, easy going, and all around an awesome dude. He can always be counted on to have a good time!

Vincent Verteramo


If there are two important groups of people in Jared's life, it would be his high school buddies (most of which are fellow groomsmen), and the guys of Chi Phi, a fraternity Jared had helped start during his time at SUNY Oneonta. Vin was one such fraternity brother. One whom Jared grew extremely close with during and after college. They shared many good times together, one of which was when Jared was Vin's fraternity pledgemaster (oh the good old days), and another was running a half a dozen Spartan Races ranging from little 5k distances to a half marathon up in the mountains of Killington, VT. Like Ryan, Vin is a kid at heart and has been one hell of a friend!

Justin Landreth


The first rule of Crossfit is , talk about Crossfit. Jared met Justin after he moved down to Northern Virginia from New Jersey, at one of his first Crossfit classess many many years ago. Jared still remembers the WOD (workout of the day) where he tried to go head to head with Justin and beat his time. From there on out they became extremely close friends where they competed as teammates in local Crossfit competitions, visited many of the 100s of wineries and breweries in the area, and is Jared's go to movie buddy. Also, if you couldn't tell by the picture, they both love tequila!
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